Our aim is to make the production of your product packaging as straightforward and cost effective as possible. We value the relationships with our customers and believe that communication at every stage is the key. We would much rather build a long term partnership than seek one off production runs. To this end we have taken great pleasure watching our customers grow over the years, feeling we have played a positive part in that growth. Both small and large, new and established comanies find our production model attractive and here is a brief overview of what we do at Priory Press Packaging.

Cost Effective Planning – we will have a lengthy discussion with you about your product, route to market and sales expectations, offering advice on cost effective solutions to market entry, pack sizes etc. We aim to innovate.

Tailored Design – we have designers with many years’ experience in creating packaging. Our aim is simple: to get your product on shelf with a design that will not only be unique to you but one that will also compete with its shelf neighbours. Since our ultimate aim is to forge a long term partnership with your brand and we realise that start-up costs can be a barrier to initial production, we keep our design costs significantly lower than brand studios and design houses. Our in-house capabilities include logo design, pack design, food photography and promotional assets such as posters, shelf talkers and strips. We also offer advice on EAN number purchase, barcode generation (we prefer to generate the barcode ourselves from your EAN number, free of charge), Food Standard Agency basic requirements and Food Traffic Light creation (we can create labeling traffic lights based on your standard nutritional evaluation).

Stages in the manufacturing of your printed packaging

• Package Design
• Layout
• Die Making
• Plate Making
• Printing
• Cutting & Creasing
• Waste Stripping & Recycling
• Other Processes
• Gluing

The Process

The packaging process with Priory Press is simple. We talk, we measure your product or food tray, we give advice and supply a quote. If you are happy to proceed we create a ‘Tailors Dummy’ to test the fit. We can then either supply this template to your appointed designer or proceed to design visuals and photography, if required. We then proceed to final artwork, adding cooking / heating instructions, nutritional, allergen & storage information and prepare a sign off proof. Using the latest digital technology we produce a colour calibrated sample on packaging card stock. At this stage we offer our customers the option of having marketing samples produced instead of going straight to the main press run. We can produce up to 1000 units without making printing plates and these are ideal for trade shows and sales samples where new product feedback is essential before production commitments.

print pressCylinder gluer

Once we are all happy that full production can begin, we have a bespoke cutting and creasing die produced. This is our only one-off production cost – other companies charge extra for printing plates which we only use once per run (for quality and storage reasons) – not only do we not charge extra for plates but we also often have no charge for simple artwork maintenance such as nutrition changes or award symbols. We have two main printing presses, a five colour press and a six colour press, printing full colour photographs and special colours and metallics in one pass. We also have three die cutting and creasing machines and four high speed folding and glueing lines.

Some of our larger customers value our stock replenishing model – having agreed a unit cost we monitor their stock levels on a weekly basis across multiple lines, producing in advance and invoicing only for regular deliveries. This reduces cash flow requirement, increases storage capacity and is generally one less thing to worry about.

We deliver throughout Ireland and United Kingdom and have immense pride in our work. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing your product in our packaging on a supermarket shelf, both major national brands and independent producers.