Vape Oil and SRP Packaging

Staying within the rules is important for any new product and its packaging whether it’s food, health and beauty or e-cig vaping oils. With an industry that’s growing rapidly due to e-cigarettes being 95% less harmful than smoking (Public Health England, 2017), to get your foot in the market you’ll need to adhere to the regulations. At Priory Press Packaging we have worked with a number of e-cigarette producers to ensure that their packaging is within legislation. E-cigarette oil packaging requires government and nicotine warnings that must take up 30% of the front and back of the packaging. Recently we have worked with a client to provide braille embossing on their packaging to ensure that warning labels on e-cig oils can be easily detected by the visually impaired. If you are considering entering the ever-growing e-cigarette market, our expertise will more than secure your place whilst demonstrating that your product and packaging is in keeping with legislation.

What we can do for you: Print individual vaping oil boxes, multi-packs (holding more than one oil) and easy to assemble shelf-ready packaging for your suppliers with grab and go ease for your customers. Our thorough process guarantees your packaging will comply with all legal requirements.