Strong Packaging helps build Brands

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Strong Packaging helps build Brands

Strong Packaging does not just refer to protecting and storing your product, but also to the
fact that it allows for increased marketability and further influences how your product is
perceived by consumers. Packaging, both in structure and design, helps to build brands
and cement your position within the market. When we talk about STRONG packaging, we
mean it in every sense of the word:


Your product needs packaging that is fit for purpose – to protect, transport and display your product. At Priory Press Packaging, we work with a variety of different board weights (up to 600 micron that we can print on) to determine what is most suitable for each job in relation to the strength of board required. For example, products to be packaged in carton boxes may have a weight to them and will need a stronger board, than that that of a sleeve to be wrapped around a tray. Our team are here to discuss with clients the differences in materials and their print quality at initial design and concept stage. Take a look at some of the packaging projects we have completed by clicking here.


Your packaging keyline, which refers to the netted flat shape on a sheet of board. shows the key features of what is included to form your packaging: i.e the closing mechanism if it’s a box, the glue tabs and any other structural design elements. Boxes with more complex closures such as a crash-lock base will be holding items with a bit of weight. This type of design guarantees more safety with regards to the strength of the box so that the product does not fall through. The base of the box locks in place automatically when pressed from opposite corners. Your packaging should achieve strong functionality, whereby your product is protected, easily transported and managed.


Your packaging should be used as a strong marketing tool to convey your brand message. When selecting a product, consumers pay a lot of attention to the detail in the information provided on the outer packaging. Aesthetically appealing designs that are innovative and cutting edge have a strong appeal. To be distinct and establish a brand, you must add value through the quality of your packaging design. We have a very creative studio in house, who work daily on brand development projects for new customers. We create logos and artwork for packaging, develop existing packaging ranges, get involved with new product development, and packaging for additional flavours for existing clients. There is certain criteria that must be included on food and drink packaging. You must inform the consumer of nutritionals, manufacturer’s details etc. You can find more information about Food Labeling here.

Strong packaging should:

• Protect and transport your product

• Identify your brand,communicate and market your product

• Stand out amongst competitors and appeal to consumers