Foiled Sleeves – Premium and Strong

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foiled sleeves

Foiled sleeves continue to impress with a high impact look as this type
of finish proves more popular with Artisan Food Producers and
their packaging designs.

The packaging for this 2 pack of fruit preserves is not only eye catching but also very practical for producers The Fruit Tree. With each jar being made of glass, careful consideration was taken in choosing board stock. The selected board is both strong enough to hold the weight of the product, and structurely securely to hold each jar in place with little movement.

The foiling on this sleeve is what sets the premium look. A large foiling die block was used to press the whole face and top of the sleeve with the intricate silver leaf tree design. The silver is a striking contrast to the dark green back drop colour printed on the sleeve.

The sleeve uses no glue and is self assembly. It simply wraps around the two jars and is secured together at the back with two tuck in slits. This is a very practical solution for the practicality of putting them together for retail. With this type of sleeve, the space for branding and design is huge. Grouped products appeal more to consumers when presented together as one product as consumers consider the fact they may be getting more for their money.