Premium Packaging – It’s the finishing touch that counts!

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Premium Packaging – It’s the finishing touch that counts!

The rise of ‘sophisticated shoppers’ increases the demand for fresh premium look packaging – it’s the finishing touch that counts!

We live in a society led by a demanding consumer culture. An endless array of brands and products crowd the shelves with new items arriving daily. Your job as a food producer is to make your brand and product stand out the most, and so you need high impact on-shelf presence. Consumers specifically look for products that project quality, attractiveness, and more concise information (as they become more alert to health warnings, nutritionals and healthy living) but also that maintain value. Throughout 2017, we will increasingly see the premium look packaging trend explored with different finishing techniques, by more brands in a bid to capture the consumers’ scanning eyes in a split second.

There is a misconception that if you completely change the overall look of your packaging it will stand out more to consumers. However, this is sometimes not the case as it can confuse your brand message, “Did they rebrand or is this a new product?!” A subtle change such as adding a new finish to your packaging not only supports and keeps the continuity of your brand identity, but gives it the added ‘pop’ to make consumers notice you have made enhancements. This in turn highlights that there is further quality added and makes it more intriguing and appealing for the consumer to pick up.

Significant rise in FMCG customer’s packaging being enhanced with additional finishes…

At Priory Press Packaging, we have seen a significant rise already in current FMCG customer’s packaging being enhanced with additional finishes such as decorative foil blocking, UV varnishes, matt and gloss lamination and bespoke window patching and cut outs. Research by Mintel has shown that 38% of consumers are swayed towards products that allow them to view the contents before buying. These finishes create vibrancy, shine effects, soft touch and textures to your packaging and establish the premium look. The key element to your success is effective packaging and quality which further strengthens your ability to develop sustainable products. At Priory Press Packaging, we print and produce food sleeves, boxes and retail ready packaging in an environment that follows various strict quality assurance controls that are integral to our business and embedded within our working culture. Gaining a Grade AA result in BRC only highlights our commitment to ensuring our customers get quality packaging at all levels.

Add another dimension to your packaging with bespoke finishing techniques that will lift your appearance, achieve excellent product visibility on-shelf, increase sales, and increase your opportunity to become a market-leading product. Click here to learn about Foil Blocking.

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