Why Window Patch? 👀

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Why Window Patch? 👀

So the saying goes that we ‘buy with our eyes’, but what is the real benefit for your customer’s to see your product through its window-patched packaging? Here’s our top three.

1. The fear of the unknown – The saying ‘Try before you buy’ also exists. Have you ever bought a product with wonderful packaging, but what lurks beneath isn’t quite as appetising? If you’ve got a product with great aesthetics – show it off!

2. Standing out from the crowd – Think of how many boxes of granola there are in the supermarket. Now think of how many of those brands have the product clearly visible whilst still looking like something you want to buy.

3. Premium packaging, premium product – You can be a big brand and still somehow have uninspiring packaging. When you add a finishing touch to your packaging, the customer notices, and this speaks volumes about your brand. Window patching may seem like bells and whistles, but customers like bells and whistles. Trust us.