Justify the Jargon 🤷

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Justify the Jargon 🤷

As printers, we sometimes forget that not every customer knows the seemingly tedious terminology we use day in and day out for the simplest printing processes.

So here at PPP HQ we’ve attempted to justify the jargon once and for all, and explain what some of these bewildering buzzwords really mean with a little infographic.

The Keyline
The keyline is the starting point for any package design. It is essentially a template for the measurements of the package that artwork can be applied to. You send us a sample, we generate a keyline. Simple.

Tooling / Die-Cutting Forme
Sometimes professionally called ‘Die-cutting’, tooling is used to accurately pin-point where the cuts in the flat design of your packaging are going to go. The cutting forme is a wooden board made up of sharp steel rules that is directly placed onto the carton board to cut and crease it correctly. It can then be folded and glued to form into your 3d box or sleeve.

Press Pass
This is your golden ticket to see this first initial prints of your packaging and to make any final tweaks before your packaging is printed in quantity. We ensure you’re happy with what you see, then press the big green button to get it on the go.

Make Ready
It may sound like bad English, maybe it is. A make ready is a calculation of the time, materials and processes required to achieve the perfect print. In short, it is all it takes to make your packaging ready for you and your customers.