Regulatory-Ready Packaging

At PPP we don’t limit ourselves to any one market as we’re always looking for an opportunity to innovate. Sure, we have lots of customers that fall under the Food, Food to Go, Health, Beauty and Lifestyle markets – but if someone comes to us with a packaging problem, like ensuring e-cigarette oil packaging stays…

cake packaging

Why Window Patch ?

So the saying goes that we ‘buy with our eyes’, but what is the real benefit for your customer’s to see your product through its window-patched packaging? Here’s our top three. 1. The fear of the unknown – The saying ‘Try before you buy’ also exists. Have you ever bought a product with wonderful packaging,…

Packaging Infographic

Justify the Jargon

As printers, we sometimes forget that not every customer knows the seemingly tedious terminology we use day in and day out for the simplest printing processes. So here at PPP HQ we’ve attempted to justify the jargon once and for all, and explain what some of these bewildering buzzwords really mean with a little infographic.