First Time Lucky for Harry’s Dog Bakery

At Priory Press Packaging we’re more than just a printer. We have an in-house dedicated design studio full of creatively inclined individuals – but we don’t like to brag about it. Too much. Some of our customers come to us already armed with artwork, but every now and again a customer will give us complete…


Differentiate with a Die-Cut

At one point or another we’ve all had the fear. The fear that a sticky toffee pudding may not be as good as our own recipe, or that one we had in a restaurant one time. The shopping aisles are full of lots of sticky toffee puddings – but which one do you go for?…


Green Goings-On

Did you know that apart from having sleeves & boxes that are 95% biodegradable, we have other green goings-on here at PPP. ♻ There’s even more where this came from, check out our environmental policy here PrioryPress Environmental statement 2016_Oct

You, Me and the BRCGS

We are a BRCGS AA Grade certified packaging facility and supplier, and we’re very proud of that fact. We worked very hard to achieve it – and of course we haven’t mentioned it anywhere. Ever. Sometimes when we tell new customers we are BRCGS AA certified with a slightly smug grin we are met with…

IMG 1446

Iconic Packaging from See.Sense

Here at PPP we love a good pun. That’s why our customer’s See.Sense new packaging is nothing short of iconic. See.Sense is the brainchild of Philip McAleese, who invented his first product – the intelligent bike light following a cycling accident. He was constantly cussed out by drivers saying they couldn’t see him – despite…

Regulatory-Ready Packaging

At PPP we don’t limit ourselves to any one market as we’re always looking for an opportunity to innovate. Sure, we have lots of customers that fall under the Food, Food to Go, Health, Beauty and Lifestyle markets – but if someone comes to us with a packaging problem, like ensuring e-cigarette oil packaging stays…

Packaging Infographic

Justify the Jargon

As printers, we sometimes forget that not every customer knows the seemingly tedious terminology we use day in and day out for the simplest printing processes. So here at PPP HQ we’ve attempted to justify the jargon once and for all, and explain what some of these bewildering buzzwords really mean with a little infographic.